House and pet sitting

When I'm house- and petsitting, I'm living in your home while you are away on holiday. This way your house won't be desolate, your mailbox gets emptied every day, your plants get water and if you have pets: you don't need to bring them to an (expensive) animal shelter, which most pets don't like anyway! I'm considerate, caring and responsible and will treat your house and pets with love.

Up until now I did petsitting in Spain, Scotland, Ireland, Poland and Switzerland. I love the company of having animals around. I sitted lots of dogs and cats, but also chicken, goats (I even had to milk one!), a donkey, horses, sheep, rabbits, guinea pigs and turtles.

This service is free of charge; it's supposed to be a mutual pleasure. Get in touch if this is what you're looking for!

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I like hiking in the mountains and just be surrounded by nature. If there's a bike available, I'll take that to explore the environment. In summer I also love to go for a swim in natural waters and I recently found out that I like windsurfing too.

So my ideal house sit has some of the following components:



"Would definitely have her again as cat sitter!"

Mirale stayed in our house in Zurich for 3 weeks as we were on vacation. She took very good care of our flat and our cat. When we came back, the flat was left very clean and the cat seemed happy. I definitely recommend her as home/cat sitter!

(Natalia, Switzerland, 19 October, 2020)

"We hope to have Mirale as a house sitter again!"

"Mirale stayed at our place for three weeks. Organizing her time in Switzerland was super easy and we were really happy that she decided to come even during such unsure COVID-19 times. During her stay she took care of our two cats and made sure that they were well. She was always easy to reach and gave us an update on our little ones and on our appartment whenever we wished for it. We felt really at ease and were able to enjoy our vacation to the fullest knowing that our cats are happy and that our appartment was taken care of. Getting home we were so happy to see that the appartment was tidy and clean. Mirale even washed and changed the bedsheets. An other plus is that our cats are now cuddlier than ever thx to all the cuddle sessions with Mirale. Not to mention that our neighbours spoke very well of her. We would definitely recommend Mirale as a house sitter and hope to have her again in the future. Thank you so much Mirale!"

(Katja, Switzerland, 10 August 2020)

"Trustworthy and petloving house sitter"

"Mirale made impression from the first contact as communicative and reliable person. She kept frequent contact with us and arrived at our place according to the plan. Our dog welcomed Mirale as if they knew eachother for ages. She seemed to love animals. When we left we stayed in touch by Whatsapp. We got photos how our pets are doing. At the end we were late and Mirale left before we came. She left everything in super order. I highly recommend Mirale as house sitter."

(Magdalena, Poland, 07 July 2020)

"Farm handled really well"

Having Mirale is been wonderful. She looked after our animals everyday (goats, donkey, chickens, dog and cats), fed them, took the dog for walks, milked the goats after a short training....and also helped a lot in the plot. She is a tranquil, well educated person, very discreet and a hard worker. After 15 days with us we felt that she was part of the place. Good manners at the table and ate everything that was prepared with no complains despite our varied timetables. She was left alone in the farm and took care of the entire situation, which is not easy at all!! Thanks Mirale for your time and effort here. Always welcome.

(Teo & Bea, Spain, 21 March 2018)